April 2021

Hello all!

Now it is early spring and last weeks the development of Libre TrainSim made some big milestones for version 0.8! The functionality is almost finished, we just need some small adjustments.

  • The editor got updated and revamped at some points. Bedide the Editor a new toolset was created: jTools. The first features are already integrated to Libre TrainSim, which we will expand in the future. jTools makes coding, saving, etc. a lot easier and cleaner.
  • We now have a pathfinding algorithm which could be useful in the future. For now it is only used to load and unload some chunks in the editor. That’s great for editing bigger maps, because from now the editor doesn’t need the whole map loaded anymore.
  • Also we have got more sounds at our tracks! There are now station announcements possible.
  • In the past we got some issues with Libre TrainSim and small screens. For that our Main Menu got revamped, and some other HUD elements where rearranged. Screens from 800 x 600 pixels shouldn’t have any problems anymore.
  • Also there are now persons in Libre TrainSim! For now they are just red big blobs, but some person models will be added for the new version.
  • Let’s come to the star of this news: The next Libre TrainSim version will also be available to Android Smartphones! For that we adjusted many HUD elements, and added an ingame HUD for Smartphones (Touch Displays). For now it does work okay, and it makes really fun playing all tracks at the smartphone. For the Android Version Libre TrainSim is more arcade like and doesn’t support the advanced mode.

So in conclusion the technical framework for the new version is complete. In the next weeks we will update our content with the features and will build a new (highspeed) track. Also Wolfsfurt Buchenhain will get an expansion.

If you are interested in track building, look here. Then if everything goes well, your track will get into the next version!

See you in the next months, or at our discord.

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