January 2021

Greetings all!

The development of Libre TrainSim goes further on..

Many features for the version 0.8 are already finished:

  • Multilingual Support! For now Japanese, German, and Italian where added. You want to translate Libre TrainSim in your native language? Just click here.
  • Track files got a lot smaller. Because for example in a forest the transform of every single tree where saved, the file size got over 100 MB. Now the forests (Rail Attachements) only save a seed, with wich the exact tree transformations can be reproduced. Also the Editor now supports unloading all objects. So the .tscn file gets very small, because there arent many objects anymore. So the loading time of the tracks got shorter too.
  • The Editor got automatic tendency for rails. So if you activated this, the curves will be tended automaticly. That saves time and makes tracks more realistic
  • There can be now different trains in a scene. So now it is technically possible, that a freight train drives next to your person train.
  • Also in 0.8 custom rail- and signaltypes are supportet. The rail type can be changed per rail.
  • Now Overheadlines could be generated. The rail searches automaticly for a Rail Attachement called “Poles” and takes these positions for their overheadlines. So that handly is very easy. All existing tracks don’t need any rework.
  • The Soundsystem of Libre TrainSim got redeveloped. Sounds at curves, switches, and while breaking where added. Also every wagon now has its own sound. And some sounds itself where recreated.
  • Trains now have a power switch. So after setting the pantograph up with ‘b’, you have to start the engines with ‘e’ before releasing the brakes
  • Also the camera got new Views. You can now seat in the passenger area. Thanks to Comick.

Currently we are working at the person system. Persons will be waiting at the platform, find the doors, of the train, and find a seat inside where to sit down. Also they will move out at another station.

Also following features are planned vor 0.8:

  • Mobile Version for Libre TrainSim (Android)
  • Soundsystem for Stations. Then “Next Station…” or “Welcome To …” Messages will be played automaticly.
  • The Main Menu will get rearragned. Then Libre TrainSim will be available to smaller screen resolutions
  • Some andvaced editor features for editing really big tracks.

A new highspeed track with new highspeed train is planned.
Also Wolfsfurt Buchenhain will get an expansion.

We got a new website design. Now the homepage looks modern and more appealing. Check it out here.

We get very much done for the new version. But I think the next version will be released soonest at late spring/early summer.

Also we search for some content creators! Look here for the possibilities.

Greetings, Jean

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