Track Creation

With the release of 0.9 in-game track building gets possible. It is the easiest way to start contributing to Libre TrainSim and probably also the funniest.


Our documentation gets updated frequently and describes everything you need to know about track building.

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials are a perfect match for you if you like a more hands down introduction. Please note the video tutorials are going to be outdated with the upcoming 0.9 release.

Train Creation

This topic is very complex, you need some basic programming skills. Also basic knowledge about the GoDot Engine is required. It is recommended, to get in touch to Libre TrainSim first while building a track.


Translate Libre TrainSim

Libre TrainSim should be multilingual! It would be great, if you can translate Libre TrainSim into your native language. This process is quite easy, and doesn’t have high technical requirements.

Create Resources (Sound, Models, Textures, etc.)

Resources of any type are welcome too. Every author can use the “Basic” Resources without restrictions. Feel free to adapt and remix some resources.


For adding content to the “Basic” Resources Folder following is required:

  • License has to be CC0
  • Any source file is welcome (.xcf, .blend, …)

If your content is ready to be uploaded, open a new issue here.


The actual development progress is tracked here. Feel free to fork the project, implement new features, and do a pull request. If you want to add a feature, which is listed in the ToDo Section, just comment this issue. Then other developers know, that someone is working at it already.